Mini Laser Marking Machine

Mini Laser Marking Machine

Marking video of Co2 laser marking machine:


Marking, engraving, hollowing and cutting of various non-metallic materials. It can mark, engrave, hollow out and cut various characters, symbols, graphics, barcodes, serial numbers, etc.
The overall performance of the equipment is stable, and it has the ability to work continuously for 24 hours.

Mini Laser Marking Machine
Mini Laser Marking Machine

Overview of Co2 laser marking machine:

1. Using metal CO2 laser tube, with exquisite beam quality, stable power output, high marking precision, long working life time.
2. Using fast-speed scanning mirrors, it can be the graph in shortest time finish fine marking process.
3. Using the simple structure, abrasion and rusty against component, the system have the most stable performance and moving precision.
4. It can configure automatic configuration fixture, baiting production line.
5. It can mark data, serial number & bar code automatically.
6. Marking clearly and not easy to wear.
7. Use the computer control, user friendly interface, easy operation.
8. Accept customizing.


CO2 laser marker software features:

1. Can receive various BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other format files.
2. Automatically generate various serial numbers, production dates, one-dimensional codes, and two-dimensional codes.
3. Support flying marking, rotary marking, automatic segmentation and marking of large-area XY platform.

Technical specifications of Co2 laser marking machine:

Model: CO2 laser marking machine Laser Power: 30W / 60W / 100W
Laser Life: ≤70000H Laser Type: CO2
Frequency Range: 0~50KHZ Laser Wavelength: 10600nm
Marking Depth:≤2mm(adjustable) Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s
The minimum Line Width: 0.002mm Repeat accuracy: ±0.1µm
Machine Power:≤800W Marking scope:

110*110mm/140*140mm/210*210mm/300*300mm (optional)

Cooling: Air cooling / Water cooling Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ


Application of Co2 laser marking machine:

Small CO2 laser marking machine can mark a variety of non-metallic materials, such as bamboo products, wood, acrylic, leather, glass, ceramics, rubber, silicone, paper, plastic, etc.


Production Facility of Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

laser marking machine factory

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