Desktop UV Laser Marking Machine

Desktop UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine is mainly based on low power. Its series of product power mainly include BN-3W, BN-5W, BN-10W, BN-15W and other series. Its power is mainly customized according to the requirements of processing materials. The processing effect and Power has a lot to do with it.


Desktop UV laser marking machine
Desktop UV laser marking machine

Marking video of UV laser marking machine:

water cup marking glass marking barcode marking

UV laser marking machines are mainly used in 3C industry logos, electrical housing equipments and ABS PVC buttons, food and drug production date darts, metal or non-metal plating removal, various materials marking, blind slot processing, thin metal foil micro-hole production .

This product enables the UV laser marking machine to show its unique advantages. The light source is colder, the spot quality is higher, the marking line width is narrower, and the thermal effect is smaller. In the future, the development of electronic products will be more inclined to fine processing, and UV laser marking machines can accurately meet the needs of the industry.


Advantages–UV laser marking machine:

1)Wide range of applications, except for copper materials, common metal, non-metallic materials, etc. are suitable;
2)The beam quality is good, the focused spot is smaller and super fine marking can be achieved;
3)The heat affected area is extremely small, non-thermal effects are accumulated, and there is no problem of burning material;
4)Marking speed, high efficiency, clear, uniform, long-lasting text patterns;
5)The overall performance is stable, small size, low power consumption, easy to maintain.


Technical specifications of UV laser marking machine:

Model BNL-UV laser marking machine
Laser Type UV Laser
Laser Power 3W / 5W / 10W / 15W
Q-Switched Frequency Range 1kHZ _ 200kHZ
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Light Quality <1.2M2
Laser Life ≤5 Thousand hours
Marking Depth ≤1.0mm(optional)
Repeat Accuracy ±0.1µm
Beam Diameter 0.8mm
Pulse Width Range 13-80ns
Power Supply AC220V/50-60HZ 10A
Machine Power ≤1500W
Cooling Water Cooling


Application industry of UV laser marking machine:

UV laser marking machine is suitable for processing more extensive materials, such as plastics, including PP, PC (polycarbonate), PE (polyethylene), ABS, PA, PMMA, silicon, glass and ceramics.


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Production Facility of Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

laser marking machine factory

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