Color laser marking is UV laser marking machine

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

Color laser marking

  • Also knows as the blue laser beam, this technology has the capacity of engraving with a low rate of heat.The light wave or UV light spectrum of this machine is one of the main reasons this technology can engrave over different materials.
    Because it doesn’t heat the material surface as the Fiber and the CO2 does.
  • It allows the UV laser mark clear and with high precision over all the plastics and other materials that have an adverse reaction with heat.
UV laser marking machines
UV laser marking machines


  • There are thousands of different mix of plastics, and all of them can be engraved for UV laser technology.
  • These are some of the most common plastics engraving with our laser engraver machine.


  • The UV laser it can engrave and mark metals, but not always with the same effect as the fiber laser engraver machine.
  • While a fiber laser can etch over the metal surface with deep effect and with a clear result.
  • The UV laser has problems engraving metals covered with painting, or metals highly reflective like the copper.
  • Check below the list of metals that the UV laser can engrave.


  • The UV laser is one of those technologies that can engrave over glass surfaces without a break or overheat the material.
  • You can create amazing engravings and patterns without splinter glass result.

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