30w vs 50w fiber laser marking machine

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

What is the advantage of 50W fiber laser marking machine than 30W? This is a problem frequently encountered by customers in recent years. Why do you often encounter it in recent years? Because 50W cost is high and the price is high in the past few years, few people buy 50 if 30W can satisfy it; the following is the difference

The laser power is increased by 20W. That is to say, the average output power is increased from the original 30 to 50

The marking depth is higher than before, provided that the marking is deeper than 30W in the same time

The speed of the marking machine should be fast. The premise is that under the same depth, 50W is time-saving than 30W. After testing, it saves 1/3

Combined with Article 3, when the depth is not required and the marking content can be clearly visible, 50W laser marking can improve work efficiency.

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