Laser powder: laser marking additives make plastic marking easier

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

Everyone knows that fiber laser marking machines can be engraved on metal and most non-metallic products, but some plastic products can’t be engraved or unclear when marking, such as common resin, ABS, PP\PE and other materials. Or, when the laser is marked, bubbles are generated on the surface of the plastic, and the marks are not clear. So how to solve this problem?

The first method:
UV laser marking machine
From the previous article we can understand: in terms of heat impact, UV laser marking machine is the first choice
The second method:
Add laser powder to raw materials (radiation powder or laser additive)
Principle: The main function of the laser powder is to absorb the laser energy, convert the laser beam into heat energy, generate thermal reaction, carbonization, evaporation and chemical reaction of the plastic itself, so as to form a marking pattern on the surface of the product!
Suitable for marking on PP PC PE ABS TPU PAPA6PBT POM TPE TPV TPR PET and other engineering plastics, modified plastics and coatings (inks, paints, unsaturated resin) material, may be marked in black, white, gold, gray, color Handwriting.

  1. The addition ratio is 0.1-0.3%
  2. Can be used together with pigment toner when directly injection molding and extrusion granulation
  3. Mix directly with the plastic and then directly inject the part using the injection molding machine
  4. Safety and environmental protection, laser marking does not contain volatile components, does not contain organic colorants, meets safety regulations, is harmless to the human body, and has no pollution;
  5. Time saving, high-speed laser marking, rapid automatic marking, production efficiency, material and printing parts, and large defect rate;
  6. Anti-counterfeiting, marking can be destroyed, can not be changed, strong anti-counterfeiting function, active ingredient has strong laser degree, strong traceability
  7. High stability, can produce a variety of high-resolution marks, superior clarity and contrast, laser-active microspheres can achieve a good distribution within the range;
  8. Weather resistant, durable, wear-resistant, marking, scratch resistant, and not easily washed away by solvent
  9. Careful, can make plastics easier to be laser marked /, the laser marking of plastic materials has high definition, high precision and clear picture.
    Environmental characteristics
    Environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body

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