Laser marking machine power and pulse width

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

Pulse width of the laser marking machine:
Pulse width is the duration of a pulse. The general fiber laser marking machine does not have the function of adjusting the pulse width. What are the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width, which can be used to black alumina, and has a certain advantage in depth.
PS: The power of the laser marking machine:
In the parameter setting, the power is adjusted in percentage, and the output power from 0% to 100% can be adjusted. The default default parameter is 50% of the output power. The larger the output power is, the larger the laser output energy is, and the easier it is to drill. However, the output power should be adjusted according to your actual needs, because the output energy is too large, the greater the impact on the material, you can achieve the desired effect without having to open more power, otherwise long time and high load Working, it will have an impact on the life of the laser. Filling is mainly used in closed graphs that are not related to each other. Fill types are: one-way fill, two-way fill, circular fill, and optimized two-way fill to adjust fill angle and line spacing, line margins. There is nothing to say about this parameter. Everyone actually knows what is going on (filling the lines in the graph).

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