What is the laser marking machine used for?

Updated Apr. 02, 2022

Overview of Laser Marking:

  • At present, laser marking finds broad applications in industries, one of which is product labeling.
  • To label products is often to achieve traceability; control quality; identify parts.

Product labeling:

  • data matrix codes, QR codes, and alphanumeric serial numbers.
  • Generally speaking, the laser marking products will be labeled before the beginning of production, facilitating barcode readers to scan identifiers at the following manufacturing steps.
  • To some extent, this makes real the laser marking product traceability, from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. Plus, the labeling contains important information particular to each part or component. That means, it is convenient to timely conduct adjustment once the occurrence of deviation from what was expected.

Application of laser marking:

  • The technology laser marking also finds wide applications in the automotive sector, metal processing, and manufacturing industries.
  • Being widely applied, the technology laser marking brings many useful fruits to our daily life and production, such as laser marking steel, laser marking aluminum, laser marking metal, and laser marking plastic.

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