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Updated Apr. 02, 2022

What is a dropped card

The main manifestations of card dropping are as follows:

  1. It prompts that the dongle cannot be found when the software is opened
  2. The software opens and prompts that no valid LMC device can be found
  3. When the software is running, it freezes, the software fails to respond, or the galvanometer does not move, the laser emits light, and the software cannot be closed. After restarting the software, it prompts that the dongle cannot be found.
  4. Check the frequent flashing of the marking card driver in the device manager

What is the cause of the dropped card?
Card dropping is mainly caused by the following reasons:

  1. Abnormal power supply causes the marking card to work abnormally
  2. External interference causes the USB communication connection to be unstable. External interference includes conduction interference and radiation interference. Common sources of interference are: servo drives, solenoid valves, electromagnetic relays, spark machines, high-power motors, punches, etc.
  3. Metal dust causes the marking card to be short and false
  4. The computer case is electrified, causing abnormal USB communication
  5. The computer’s U port is damaged
  6. Malfunction and damage of marking card
  7. There is a virus in the computer, and the software configuration file is abnormal or missing.

the solution to the card dropped
The card drop is mainly solved by the following methods:

  1. Confirm whether the power supply of the marking card is stable, whether there are large voltage fluctuations in the mains, whether there are high-power electrical equipment on the site that cause large fluctuations in the grid voltage, you can require the customer to use a continuous uninterrupted power supply, or in the front of the switching power supply Install filter.
  2. Check whether there is dust on the surface of the marking card, use an air gun to clean the surface of the card, and clean the card with alcohol.
  3. Confirm whether the equipment is well grounded, ensure that the equipment is grounded at a single point, and ensure that the computer case is well grounded. Use a thick ground wire to ensure that there is no pressure difference between the equipment case and the ground.
  4. Check whether the physical connection of the U port is stable. If necessary, you can use another USB port or fix the U port cable with hot melt glue.
  5. Check whether the marking card is normal, and replace it in time if there is a fault
  6. Check whether the computer is virus-infected. You can kill the virus online or replace the computer.

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