How much does laser etching (mark) cost?

Let’s calculate how much it costs to process with a laser marking machine? Let’s take the fiber laser marking machine as an example Power consumption of the whole machine: The power of the fiber laser marking machine including a computer is about 500W, and the electricity bill is 2 hours per kilowatt-hour. You can calculate it […]

What is a laser marking system

This laser marking system actually refers to a laser marking machine, because it is composed of multiple components, so it is also possible to call it a laser marking system. we introduced the composition of the laser marking machine, let’s share it again: The core components of the laser marking machine: Laser: laser light source, which […]

How much is a laser marking machine?

This is a question often asked by many customers. Bonor laser will introduce to you:First of all, laser marking machines are divided into fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines. But their components are very similar; for example, the components are: lasers, galvanometers, boards, power supplies, cabinets, computers, and […]

What is the laser marking machine used for?

Overview of Laser Marking: At present, laser marking finds broad applications in industries, one of which is product labeling. To label products is often to achieve traceability; control quality; identify parts. Product labeling: data matrix codes, QR codes, and alphanumeric serial numbers. Generally speaking, the laser marking products will be labeled before the beginning of […]