How much does a laser cleaner cost?

The laser cleaning machine has the cleaning characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials, and is considered to be the most reliable and effective industrial laser cleaning solution. Mainly used for metal surface rust removal, surface paint removal and paint removal treatment, surface oil, stain, dirt cleaning, […]

How much does laser etching (mark) cost?

Let’s calculate how much it costs to process with a laser marking machine? Let’s take the fiber laser marking machine as an example Power consumption of the whole machine: The power of the fiber laser marking machine including a computer is about 500W, and the electricity bill is 2 hours per kilowatt-hour. You can calculate it […]

What is a laser marking system

This laser marking system actually refers to a laser marking machine, because it is composed of multiple components, so it is also possible to call it a laser marking system. we introduced the composition of the laser marking machine, let’s share it again: The core components of the laser marking machine: Laser: laser light source, which […]

How much is a laser marking machine?

This is a question often asked by many customers. Bonor laser will introduce to you:First of all, laser marking machines are divided into fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines. But their components are very similar; for example, the components are: lasers, galvanometers, boards, power supplies, cabinets, computers, and […]

What is the laser marking machine used for?

Overview of Laser Marking: At present, laser marking finds broad applications in industries, one of which is product labeling. To label products is often to achieve traceability; control quality; identify parts. Product labeling: data matrix codes, QR codes, and alphanumeric serial numbers. Generally speaking, the laser marking products will be labeled before the beginning of […]

ezcad2 cannot find dog

What is a dropped card The main manifestations of card dropping are as follows: It prompts that the dongle cannot be found when the software is opened The software opens and prompts that no valid LMC device can be found When the software is running, it freezes, the software fails to respond, or the galvanometer […]

Laser marking machine can not find the dongle

“Can’t find the dongle, the software will work in demo mode” This prompt is believed to be familiar to users who use laser marking machines, so why is this prompt? How to troubleshoot the fault? Today, Goldlaser  to give you a summary of the reasons: Golden Orange Software Ezcad does not have a driver installed.2, or […]