Handheld laser welding machine is mainly used in kitchen cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators, door and window metal material welding, etc. In addition, the hand-held laser welding machine has high cost performance, fast welding speed, simple welding process and convenient operation, ensuring more beautiful welding effect.

Fiber laser marking machines are widely used in many fields such as electrical appliances, communications, precision instruments, electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware tool products, auto parts, leather products, plastic products, craft decorations and so on.

CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used in packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing and other industries. It can mark a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal products , such as bamboo products, wood, paper, acrylic, leather, glass, architectural ceramics, rubber marking, etc.

UV laser marking machine can mark or cut non-metallic materials such as metal, plastic and glass. It is used in the fields of semiconductor, electronic and electrical housing, auto parts marking, glass processing, medical equipment, engineering plastic marking and other fields.
The core component of the UV laser marking machine is the UV laser, which has its unique advantages in laser processing: the UV laser has a short wavelength and a small focus, enabling fine processing.